My Craft Studio

I realise some of you may be new here, so I thought the best way to introduce myself and show you a little bit of what I do is to give you a little look around my craft studio.

I’ve been crafting since 2002, and I guess I’ve been doing it professionally since about 2011. I was crafting in our spare bedroom until October 2015 when I finally got my dream space. Having my little garden studio has literally changed my life. Being able to have a dedicated area for my crafting has really enabled me to do so much more – and now that I am working for Sizzix, and prepping for TV shows most of the time, I really couldn’t have managed to do that from our tiny spare bedroom!

If you’d like to see more of my craft studio, and some video tours on how I store all my supplies, then I’ve got a playlist on my YouTube channel