My Craft Studio

I realise some of you may be new here, so I thought the best way to introduce myself and show you a little bit of what I do is to give you a little look around my craft studio.

I’ve been crafting since 2002, and I guess I’ve been doing it professionally since about 2011. I was crafting in our spare bedroom until October 2015 when I finally got my dream space. Having my little garden studio has literally changed my life. Being able to have a dedicated area for my crafting has really enabled me to do so much more – and now that I am working for Sizzix, and prepping for TV shows most of the time, I really couldn’t have managed to do that from our tiny spare bedroom!

If you’d like to see more of my craft studio, and some video tours on how I store all my supplies, then I’ve got a playlist on my YouTube channel

Author: Sharon Curtis

I've been papercrafting since 2002, and am a Freelance Creative Designer. I work for various craft companies, but the majority of my work is for Sizzix, and I will be sharing details of my TV shows on Create and Craft as well as (hopefully), helpful tutorials and step by steps. Thanks for joining me!

One thought on “My Craft Studio”

  1. Hi Sharon.

    Not on WordPress Sharon so I can’t comment I’m sorry.

    Love your studio . I’ll have one someday ☺

    Stella x


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